OpenSSL Speed Test Results

This page contains OpenSSL benchmarks across several Raspberry Pis and x86-64 systems generated using the openssl speed command.

Test System Details

Test system details.

Name Description Architecture Speed (MHz) AES? OpenSSL Version
pi0w-zero Raspberry Pi Zero W armv6l 1000 No 1.1.0k
pi3b-pecan Raspberry Pi 3 Model B armv7l 1200 No 1.1.0k
pi3b+-peach Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ armv7l 1200 No 1.1.0j
pi4b-cherry Raspberry Pi 4 Model B armv7l 1500 No 1.1.1c
linode Linode VM (1 Core) x86_64 2300 Yes 1.1.0k
i78650u-flex Intel i7-8650U (Lenovo X1 Carbon, 6th Gen) x86_64 4200 Yes 1.1.1c
tr1950x-v4 AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X x86_64 3400 Yes 1.1.0f

All System Test Results

OpenSSL speed test results by algorithm across all systems.

Note: The x86-64 CPUs have hardware-accelerated AES (AES-NI), and the Raspberry Pi CPUs do not.

All System Test Results: aes-128-cbcAll System Test Results: aes-192-cbcAll System Test Results: aes-256-cbcAll System Test Results: blake2b512All System Test Results: blake2s256All System Test Results: sha256All System Test Results: sha512

Raspberry Pi Test Results

OpenSSL speed test results by algorithm for Raspberry Pi systems only.

Raspberry Pi Test Results: aes-128-cbcRaspberry Pi Test Results: aes-192-cbcRaspberry Pi Test Results: aes-256-cbcRaspberry Pi Test Results: blake2b512Raspberry Pi Test Results: blake2s256Raspberry Pi Test Results: sha256Raspberry Pi Test Results: sha512

x86-64 Test Results

OpenSSL speed test results, by algorithm for x86-64 systems only.

x86-64 Test Results: aes-128-cbcx86-64 Test Results: aes-192-cbcx86-64 Test Results: aes-256-cbcx86-64 Test Results: blake2b512x86-64 Test Results: blake2s256x86-64 Test Results: sha256x86-64 Test Results: sha512